Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazing Healing Properties

If you look closely at the picture you can still see a little mark by my baby finger knuckle where I burned myself a few weeks ago. It's practically all healed up and I didn't have DO anything. I didn't put balms or salves on it, I didn't chant a special mantra or light a candle, I didn't pray about it or even wish that it would heal. It just did.

I've been using the burn on my hand as an analogy for the burn on my heart and I've learned a lot. First of all, it's not personal. It doesn't mean anything about me that I have a burn. I got burned, that's what happened. And it heals whether I do anything about it or not. Now I realize this isn't always true and somethings benefit from the outside intervention of doctors, or therapists, or medicines, etc., but in this case, I chose to leave it alone. I didn't get medicine for my heart - I was tempted to go get a little "hair of the dog that bit me" but I resisted. I came back to myself and just kept sitting. And I'm pleased to report back that the burn's pretty much gone away. There's a small mark that I can feel inside that shows where the burn was and in a few days or weeks even that will be gone.

Now, it's Eastertime, which is a big holiday (but not for me because I always teach on Easter!) and my daughter was stating her firm belief that there's no god. I don't mind because I have a feeling she's too young to really know either way, god, no god, whatever, it doesn't offend me. It does offend other people and it's kind of amusing to see people react, which is probably why she says it. But the other day I pointed out to her that my hand is healing and I'm not doing it and I reminded her that I can barely get my office cleaned up, how could I possibly have made someone as beautiful as her. I had some help, and you might call that help I got, god. Or Nature, which then would be God for this purpose.

I just went over to her to confirm what she said but she whined because I was interrupting an episode of Hannah Montana. Ooops. Sor-ry.

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