Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Grateful Place

As I was getting ready for bed tonight I noticed something coming over me. It was an old feeling I haven't felt much in a while, and I recognized it right away. It was that grateful feeling. I'm starting to feel glad I'm in the situation I'm in. Maybe it's being in the first week of the Presence Process where I say to myself, "I choose to experience this moment," and maybe it's the end of the teacher training where we're all feeling so much love for each other, or maybe it's just nothing, but I'm feeling like it's good. Maybe the thaw has taken place. I'm glad I'm home alone (what a change from just 2 weeks ago!), I'm happy with my friends and with my life at the moment.

And I feel lucky. And that my friends, puts me in the Grateful Place.


froggie said...

A very wise woman told me - the one who introduced me to yoga by the way - she told me to "Let go, let go , and let go". . .

Sounds like it is working. :o)

aandjblog said...