Monday, April 13, 2009


I've got so much going on, I'm not sure where to start. Let's see. I finished the video I was working on and it looks great. I'll see if I can post it to YouTube and flash it here, or at least a little bit of it to give you the idea.

Remi and I taught Mother-Daughter yoga together on Saturday and it was a hit. I wasn't sure we'd find enough mothers and daughters to have a class, but sure enough, we did and it was really great. We both had colds and/or allergies so Remi's energy especially was down, but we're looking forward to the next one in May, on Mother's Day. Since we did the class Remi's been doing more poses at home (I bought her a new mat) and it was such a great way for us to connect.

I got some energy healing today from someone from here, and I must say, it's really cool. If you're up for some non-invasive energy shifting, check this out.

My Presence Process is going super-well and I feel really grounded and good and I think I'll continue it. The funny thing about it is that I was doing it just over two years ago when I met John. I was at the part where I was watching my life like a movie and I wasn't going to get involved much in my life but I couldn't help it. I met him, we got together, and I stopped the Presence Process! I guess it's time I pick it back up. I've just finished the part I was already at back then and now I'm going on.

My old dog, Zahra, still has puppies for sale. She's not really an old dog, she was never really mine and she's not really selling them herself, but she lived with us for a while and she had puppies at Christmas and my mom is doing a great job raising those three fluff balls, but not a great job of selling them. So if you or someone you know is interested in a healthy, spunky, delightful dog of a rare breed that come from an awesome lineage and a very happy home, let me know. They are Magic, Dawn, and Skylie, and they're a riot. I spent yesterday with them and it's too bad they'll need to get split up but chances are they won't be all adopted together! (This is an old picture of Zahra.)


Ritesh said...

Yoga Teacher Training Course is based on the ancient Gurukul training system that insists on integrating the teachings of Yoga into the aspi.

April said...

I hope that Maggie and I can make the next Mother/Daughter class.
I'm sure it was really cool. Maggie was interested!