Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Wednesday Already

This has been a busy week of yoga, yoga, yoga. It's fun having other people to work with. That's one of the things I find hard about being self-employed - sometimes there's too much SELF and not enough other people!

After this coming weekend, the yoga teacher training will be finished until the summer one begins. For everyone, whether students or teachers in the program, there tends to be a real strange feeling on the next weekend when there's no homework due, there's no classes to prepare for, and we're back on our own again. There will be time for the things we've had to move to the side, but there's also a kind of missing that happens. Missing the people in our group, missing that connection we've made.

I was looking at my calendar yesterday, planning a couple of weekend trainings, and I see I'm scheduled well into 2010, which is great for the planning part, but for the independent, free-spirit in me, it sort of freaks me out. I love being all tucked in to a schedule, but I also love going with the flow and doing what I want to do when I want to do it. Know what I mean? So the trick I'm going to have to manage this year is planning real vacation time. The way I work now I've got some here, some there, and I'm on everyday mostly, but not all of the day. That makes for a nice, spacious day, but it doesn't make for lots of time to go visit Grandma in California, for instance, or take a holiday with my daughter.

I keep dreaming of working during the day, finding clients who need me during the daytime, and then having actual weekends. Tricky as a yoga teacher. But I'm putting it out there.

Anyhow, it's Wednesday. I've been here everyday, doing lots of stuff, lots of meditating (I'm into the Presence Process at the moment), and it's good. Keeping out of trouble, reconnecting with old friends, reaching out more to the friends I normally hang with, planning trainings, marking homework, going outside without winter boots on (I still wear my big parka as I really don't like being cold)... And this isn't an April Fool's joke!

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