Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yoga Buddies

I have a lot of yoga buddies I suppose, seeing as how that's about the only way I know anybody in my life - some kind of yoga connection. So tonight Luc said his big goodbye because he's leaving on Saturday to go back to Omega to work for the summer.

I met Luc back in 1991 when I was living at Kripalu. And a funny thing happened over the past couple of days on Facebook - there's been an explosion of Kripalu connections on my Facebook. So before Luc left tonight I showed him some of the people who are connecting on Facebook. He's *this* close to setting up a Facebook profile.

It's been fun over the past couple of days seeing those new, old faces and remembering. I used to sing a lot at Kripalu. I mostly was the responder in chanting, but I was also a member of the Ashvin Family Singers. We used to sing for guests and rather than doing a bunch of sanskrit stuff we did folksy tunes and The Rose and things like that. (If you know me and if you watch this video, you'll know we weren't too serious.) I learned something new about Ashvin today that I didn't know before. He was on David Letterman and he can play Deck the Halls with dental floss. I did not know that. I was almost late to teach my class at the hospital this morning because I was checking out the old info.

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