Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm (potentially) Screwed

First of all, congratulations to those of you who identified me in the picture below. I know it wasn't easy. I'm the third in from the left. Thanks to Milo Jackson, who was a buddy in Grade 8, for posting that picture of me on Facebook a few months ago :)

So I'm not totally screwed yet, but I figure I'm going to be by the time I get back from Montreal on Monday. I'm going to do the Landmark Forum Friday - Sunday and I'm psyched and totally looking forward to it. That's not why I'm going to be screwed. I think I just like saying that, let's hope so...

I have a feeling that if this swine flu/n1h1 flu or whatever we're calling it takes hold, or the news about it just keeps getting bad, I won't have any people in my classes. If I don't teach or people don't come, I don't make any money. The bank only accepts money to let me stay in my house. The grocery store only accepts money or its equivalent in exchange for food. So if people freak out and don't come to class because they're afraid someone's going to sneeze near them, I'm in trouble.

But worse, is if they close the hospitals à la SARS a few years back, I won't have classes at my beloved CHEO. Usually I do the math and figure if I lose a client I'll manage. But if I lose two big ones, well, I'm screwed.

And while all this is going on, I'm noticing the urge to resonate at the vibration of Panic and Fear and I'm resisting that urge. I'm looking around for things to encourage me to resonate with Thriving and Peace. It may turn out to simply be more practical to resonate with the good stuff, without ignoring the other stuff.

Oh and one final thing to add about the stuff that's pulling on me or wanting me to resonate with it, is that I came home today to find out that the Shepherds' gate had been left open in the middle of the night and some people tossed a bottle over the fence that completely smashed the windshield of the car right next to mine. My first reaction was, "that's so close to my car!" And then I relaxed and am of course sympathetic and concerned.

So my intention is to use all of this stuff just like the weather. And I'll stay calm inside and do actions that are appropriate as opposed to reactions to the weather. I'm sure it will all work out fine but it's kind of entertaining to consider how screwed I could be.

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