Friday, August 31, 2012

Being a Grown Up

I was chatting this morning with an old friend about yoga stuff and he said, "yoga's about being a grown up," and that struck me. Or maybe he said it's about teaching you to be a grown up, but the point is, if you're practising yoga, you'll be more grown up. More responsible. More accountable. More able to handle what happens in life.

I think that's true. If you're really practising yoga, having alignment in your life will matter and it will show up. You will not be violent with others. You will avoid others who are being violent. You'll be more sensitive. (Ahimsa) You will be able to tell the truth and you'll be able to hear someone else tell the truth. You'll recognize truth when you hear it. (Satya). If you've been practising yoga, you should be able to start going through the yamas and niyamas and see that you've steadily been making improvements in those areas. You may be reaping the rewards of having more energy and maybe of being in "the flow."

Asana practice is not enough. Performing a triangle may help you minimally in your life. I think practising asana is a responsible thing to do. Keeping the body healthy and comfortable is just what a responsible householder would do. But it's far from the only thing.

As I said back in February, check out your teachers. If what you want is a good stretch and that's it, yoga classes are a pretty expensive way to do it. If you want to learn life lessons and be taken along the ancient path of life study, you'll want to find people to lead the way who are grown ups themselves. People who know better should do better. And if they don't, they shouldn't be leading the way.