Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How it Goes

So yesterday I had lunch with John as we had planned. It was really nice. I told him that I'm the kind of partner that could weather any storm and that this was perhaps a bumpy path and all he would have to do is let me know he wanted me and I'm there.

He sent me a lovely text message after we'd had lunch and when I noticed that some postcards had come from Hallmark in my inbox on my Blackberry I wondered who they were from. John's not the e-card kind of guy in my experience but these are new days and maybe we're turning over a new leaf, so when I got home I attempted to open the attachment on my computer.

This morning I am still cleaning up the virus that was put on my computer in my lame attempt to feel loved. I opened an attachment I would have never normally touched because I was thinking my lover was sending me sweet messages and was coming back to me in some way. As John said in response when I told him what had happened, "that about sums up our relationship," or something like that. I protested, but there you have it. That's how it goes.

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