Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost in Paradise

I got it in my head Tuesday afternoon that I really needed to get away. I made a few phone calls, I typed a few keystrokes, and the next morning I got on a plane with my kid and we're now in the Dominican Republic.

It is not snowing here.

While we're gone John is going to find a new place to live and move out. I'm devastated. But I'm finding my own way of dealing with it and when I get back I don't expect my problems to be all gone but I'll have had some more rest and maybe will be better able to manage.

This is a smoker's paradise. You'd think all white people smoke if you came here. It's actually quite gross and I think next time I won't jump to do the cheapest all-inclusive holiday possible. Nevermind. It's warm and beautiful and after we got moved out of our room with the bedbugs, we got put into a room with a view from the ocean if you are on the balcony. Sweet.

So that's it for now. I'm sleeping and eating and having fun with Remi. She got her hair braided yesterday and we're cool.


Lola said...

Good for you! Way to seize the day!

Marcelo said...


We miss you in yoga class. No one does it like you. Even when you are not feeling good.

mae callen said...

That, my dear friend is how it is done.

You see some may see it as an escape - but for me, these kinds of spontaneous voyages - are a reaffirmation - that I am in control of my body and my life. It is an action that demonstrates that there is more to life then the confines of one's home or neighbourhood... or all the negative thoughts spinning around in our mind. Demonstrates a reaction to an action. Demonstrates an unwillingness to be a victim.

Demonstrates that life is wide, the world is huge, and we can get ourselves anywhere we want to go, whenever it is that we need to.

Jamine said...

Thanks for your support. I totally need it. And I know, I KNOW this is just a phase and I'm going through it in my own weird way, and it still sucks.

Yea, I'm grateful so often of the freedom and wealth that I have available to me so that I can pick up and go when I feel like it. It's not lost on me, especially in a place like the DR.