Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wherever You Go, There You Are

So yea, I'm still here, still me, still in the middle of this sad, sad story that surprises me when I think about it. However, I must say, it's a bit easier to deal with when there are palm trees and sand and nothing else to do in front of me.

I'm reading Twilight. My daughter got it for Christmas and declared that she was too young for the story. I'm lapping it up. A total Harlequin Romance in a new package. He "gets" her. She totally loves him. They'll probably kiss soon. I'm reading it on the beach.

John informed me that he is looking at a place and that this is for the best and then we can "rebuild." As a fan of the Six Million Dollar Man myself, I could see how things can be rebuilt. I'm not convinced that my broken heart is one of them.

Yesterday morning after I posted I walked out to a little stage area by the pool and was invited to come and stretch by one of the animators. I went, longing for a good stretch. I started to warm up. No one else showed up and then I noticed that the animator was following along with me. Remi got a drink and came up near me doing a few of her own moves. Next thing I know, I'm basically leading him in my intermediate hatha class but not really - I'm just doing my moves and he's coming along and I'm trying my best not to correct him. I couldn't watch him try to do a headstand because I was in it for myself. It was fun.

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