Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Her

OMG I love Pema Chodron!

So today I went to CHEO and my first class was cancelled because people were in quarantine and I don't know why but I figure the Swine Flu has something to do with it. My second class was almost cancelled because just about everybody went home sick except for one student, who was sick, but couldn't get a ride home so stayed in the program. She just wanted to relax. So we did a yoga nidra exercise and I told her I'd read some quotes to her. I didn't have my Pocket Pema on me, but I did have my BlackBerry, so I did a little search and came up with some gems to read.

One of them was this article, about three ways to handle chaos.

And then there was this one, which had something in it that really rang true for me. Here's part of her interview:

"I'm just going to make a blanket statement, and then it will probably be a subject of a lot of conversation: There's no way to stay stuck in misery without talking to yourself about it. And that includes knowing that you're going to die next week, or knowing that you're loved one is going to die next week. "

There's more in that article if you follow the link.

On another note, the Fringe Festival begins this week. I get my billet on Wednesday. His room is just about ready. It's still officey - but it's freshly painted and there's a queen size air mattress ready. Just need to find some sheets and stuff and it should be done. He's from Toronto and here's the scoop.

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