Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fringe Plays

Just a short note to say what I saw. I went to Parker and Seville at 6 and I went based on the fact that I had a pass, it was a time I wanted to see something, and what was on their website. It was the first play I saw that I'd say, "ohhh, that's what they mean by a 'Fringe' play." The good news is that I've seen about 8 others and that's the first time that came up!

I went to see Paul's "On Second Thought" again. Took my sister. It was just as funny. Maybe even a bit funnier because my daughter wasn't with me and I could really laugh at the jokes and not worry about her reaction. I did end up sitting next to a regular yoga student by accident! (Hi!)

I wanted to see "Like a Virgin" but didn't make it. The courtyard was compelling and it was too hard to get up and go to the next venue! The guy who did "The Accident" was hanging around and that was excellent - if you're looking for something, that's a good one.

I still want to see the "Like a Virgin" play, "House", and I must see "Oreo". I'm sure Remi's got some on her list too. She saw "The Squatter Heart" tonight and when I asked her how it was, she said "it was cool." I love her wide acceptance of plays in general. She's so open and her tastes aren't that defined yet.

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Cristina said...

Ian and I are going to se Oreo tonight!