Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life as a Teacher

It takes a while, but I get it eventually. At the end of the Presence Process we were to look at what bothers us and see where we do that ourselves - the world is your mirror - nothing new there. And that teaching is also old and not new to me. When I was doing the Introduction Leaders Program with Landmark Education one of the things we did was look at what was in our own way by seeing what sort of feedback we were getting.

So this week I'm noticing that someone's not calling me back who said they would. And I'm not calling and just getting a bit annoyed and then not bothering. And this morning it hit me! Who am I not calling back? Who did I promise something to that I haven't delivered on? And it came to me in an instant. So I got out the stuff to complete the task so I could do what I said I would do. Phew.

The message then is to thank the messenger internally and get the message. I got it. The stuff is in the mail - it's on its way!


Lola said...

I really like this post!

Jamine said...

And wouldn't you know it? 12 hours after I honoured my word, I got my call!