Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some Future Moment

I watched my mind try and hurry up my meditation this morning, like it often does, and I laughed. It's trying to get out of this moment, like there's some future moment that's going to be better than this moment. Like, "hurry up and finish meditating so you can hurry up and get to yoga so you can have that class be over so you can go out, so then you can blah blah blah."

What a joke! It makes me laugh. I'm old enough to know what the future moment looks like. You know what it looks like? It looks exactly like being in this moment! This one. Not some future one. When the future moment does finally get here and then occurs, it occurs just like this with some other moment further out in the future calling it out of being where it is. Too funny. It always looks like this. THIS.

It's such a trick. If you are closely connected to NOW, to how things are right this minute, you'll soon discover that it is ALWAYS like that. Depending on the altitude of your orbit it may occur as different levels, and that's a reality too, but if you're really in the body, with your breath, being totally present, then the moment is simply and always the moment. Imagining a certain kind of future can help determine your mood in the present moment, sort of like the view you've got out your window, but when the future moment arrives, it is the present. Just like this. There's no escaping it.

Can't live in the future, can only live now. Can't live in the past, can only be here. Circumstances change, people change, things happen, but when closely examined and felt, it's always like THIS. No better, no worse. There's no better moment. This is as good as it gets :)

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