Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Community Garden

A while back one of my neighbours asked if we'd like to try doing some gardening in the back of our place. "Sure," I said. I'm not much of a gardener but I figured if he'd tell me what to do I'd just do it and maybe I'd get to share in that activity so many people seem to enjoy so much. I've even listened to Ed Lawrence on Ontario Today just to feel included.

So recently we planted some seeds and we also planted some plants so we'd have a staggered supply of salad stuff. I inquired about the animals around and my neighbour basically said, "it's an experiment. We'll see."

When I saw the groundhog scurry under one of the cars the other day I KNEW she was up to something. I still had lettuce plants at that point. This morning, however, there are stubs. Lettuce stubs. I guess we need a net. I'm laughing right now. I don't want to get that involved. I have a topsy turvy tomato thing, which last year yielded about 4 tomatoes overall. I have some basil and parsley, which I can pick off and toss into tomato sauce once in a while. I've taken the seeds I got as a present from Tamsin after the Yoga Teacher Training and planted them in a planter on my balcony, so maybe those will grow. I'll keep you posted.

"A groundhog is a person in your neighbourhood, she's in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood..."


April said...

Nature is so funny sometimes!
Reminds me of when my son was really small and we were at the cottage for a few weeks. He really wanted to see some of the 'fishies' close up. While he was having his nap, I carefully caught a dozen or so fish for his kiddy pool to surprise him when he woke up. While I was getting him from his nap, he pointed out to his pool and a huge heron was standing on the edge eating all of the fish that I had caught!! I'm sure the heron was thinking we were providing a new fast food service just for him.

Jamine said...

I can totally imagine the scene - oh no! That is funny. Thanks for sharing your story with me - I know I'm not alone :)