Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I finished the ten weeks of the Presence Process on Sunday night and read the rest of the book on Monday. It was a really great thing to do and if you feel like it, I'd recommend checking out this book, The Presence Process. Now that it's over, I feel like I can skip my meditation already but I noticed that I do like the feeling that comes with doing it regularly, so I'm back on. I fell asleep one night before I meditated and gave myself a break, and this morning I definitely got back to it. When I get distracted and stop meditating, it's fine, but things deteriorate quickly, and it's better for everyone if I just stay on top of that :)

In preparation to host our Fringe billet (I think billet is such a funny word), I decided to paint the office and turn it into a bedroom for two weeks. So I've been doing some painting meditation, which includes special breathing, especially when dark green paint touches the white ceiling. Hmm. Fortunately, I'm not in a huge rush to have it finished so there are a few more days to perfect my technique and get it looking okay. Then I'll have to get the office chair out of the bathroom. There are things everywhere that used to be jammed in the office. Hmm some more.

It's working for me so far to get the place tidied up by inviting a guest to stay. It's better than moving, which is what used to happen in the past. Seeing as how this is the longest I've lived anyplace in my life, I've had to develop some new strategies for keeping things fresh and hosting a comedian seemed like a good thing to do. We'll see how it turns out. He shows up next week sometime and then the plays will run for 10 or 12 days towards the end of the month.

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