Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Morning

Let's see. I think the Swine Flu has passed, and it won't surprise me if that's what it was because Remi was quite sick for her. Fever for days, lethargic, no appetite, home from school and all that.

I'm on the last day of my 10 weeks of meditation a la Presence Process. It has been quite eye-opening (and closing, especially for the meditation part!) and I highly recommend you check it out. Along with opening my eyes to the good stuff, of course I've been opening my eyes to the bad stuff and the stuff in between and I can say I feel good, but I also feel agitated.

Maybe that's because the next Yoga Teacher Training is coming up in a few weeks. We go the green light, our minimum was met, and I'm in charge again. It's exciting. I love teaching the teacher training. It flows really well when it's really well planned out and that's what I'm up to these days.

Before the YTT gets under way, I'm going to volunteer at the Fringe Festival. I was thinking of things to do, ways to meet people, something fun, and I saw Catriona's updates talking about the Fringe and it got me to thinking I could maybe give them some of my free time. She hooked me up with the volunteer coordinators and now I'm not only doing shifts at the big tent, Remi's coming with me and we're hosting an artist at our house for two weeks.

I think that calls for some paint. I've never painted the office/3rd bedroom of my house since we moved in. So it's primer white and has been for six years. Gulp. As I type that I realize that I think this may be the longest I've ever lived in any house in my entire life.

My intention is to sort and file and convert my office into a bedroom by next week. Ha! It's a small space, so it shouldn't be hard. Remi and I figured we'd go pick out some paint and do it today but a quick call to Torsten last night to see if he had any paint remainders sobered me up to the fact that we need to prepare to paint. Huh? Sand the walls and fill the cracks and blah blah boy stuff, more blah blah things I don't understand, blah blah. Can't we just go pick out some fun colours? Just push the stuff into the middle of the room and throw a tarp over it? Isn't that how they do it on TV? I guess that's why this room is still white.

On another note, we participated in some of Doors Open Ottawa and it was really fun. If you have time today, check it out! We especially enjoyed the Traffic Control Centre tour. Big Brother is here and he's in my 'hood. That traffic camera could definitely pick up action on the street a few feet away from here. That's if it's zoomed in on things other than the intersection. Did you know they can adjust the lights to give more green time if there's a long line of trucks or whatever needs some help? I thought that was cool.

Last night walking through the market, Remi and I came upon some buskers doing a live circus act that had lots of yoga in it. These two young guys were out there doing acrobatics with a big hoop, a ladder, and each other, with a message to kids to get off the couch and get into their bodies. It was really impressive and moved me to tears (which isn't hard if you've been following). Fantastique!

Alain sent this around last week and it made me laugh out loud.

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