Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turns out I'm Taller

It turns out that I'm taller than I thought I was. I "grew up" thinking I was 5'2". If I stood up really tall I may have been 5'2" and a half. But lately I've wondered if perhaps I'm taller than that. So today when I was at the doctor's I asked him to measure me. I'm 5'3" and a half. I know that I've grown. I'm certain that I actually got taller over the past 3-4 years. It's not just that I stood up straighter or anything. My doctor said it could be because I've been weight training and that makes bones bigger. Activity makes bones bigger, too, and I've been only teaching yoga (and not doing other jobs) for the past 3 and a half years. That's how long I've been doing regular (twice a week if that) weight training as well.

So if I'm 5 foot 3.5, I'm not even really short. I've self-identified as short for most of my adult life. I'm practically 5'4" and that's hardly short. And with shoes on I'm like 5'5". Wow.

I've said for years that yoga can make you taller and the other week someone asked me if I'd gotten taller and I said I didn't really know. Now I do. Yes, it makes you taller. It doesn't make you shorter, let's put it that way. And my doctor said that people my age start shrinking. (I'm THAT old.)

On another note, I'm still going to Fringe plays and I suggest you do too. Last night I saw The Accident, and it was great. Remi sat through it all and I think she was sleepy for the parts that were maybe a bit over her head. I'm so proud of her - she's been an awesome volunteer and she's really come out of herself and been so fully self-expressed at the Fringe Tent. She's comfortable and friendly and so responsible. On top of it, she's genuinely interested in theatre.

I was saying to a few people that they should market their plays to Remi's age. She's the age that will drag both of her parents to shows she likes. Usually it's movies. And at her age, she's still interested in seeing things again!again! Plus, she's a girl. So if you connect with her on an emotional level she feels a relationship is there and will want to see your play because she knows you and feels a part of things and like she should go. So Fringers, pass out your flyers at schools. No kidding. Get in the gym and advertise with a preview. They'll bring their parents and aunts and uncles and whoever they're with! Tweet them - Twitter's not that weird!

So tonight's karaoke night at the Fringe Tent. I'm teaching yoga until 9 and we'll see if I'm up for a sing-along. Could be fun...

And don't miss my Billet Paul's show tomorrow night at 7:30 - Remi will tell you with a smile that it's hysterical but the very end was just a bit disturbing for a 10-year old! That's On Second Thought at 7:30 at the Arts Court Library.


April said...

Maggie is going to Theatre Camp at Glebe Community Centre the week of July 13th. Something to keep in mind if you haven't booked your whole summer. Yesterday, there were some spots left.

April said...

Oooops....I meant to say for Remi, this theatre camp, not for you Jamine.