Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yoga App

I'd really like to get some of my pictures into a little application that would run on the iPhone and iPod Touch so you could buy it and have it on your devices and I'd make a little money doing something fun and creative. I mentioned awhile ago that I'd love to be an iPhone developer but that to do that properly would take a lot of training. So I'm working on an idea to make it so that I wouldn't need so much training to get my stuff up into an app that you could download from the iTunes app store.

I've got some help and I'll tell you more about it when there's something to say, but just know I think it would be neat if you could put your own content into this application or you could at least have me or someone else you know, not someone from Yoga Journal (although I realize that sometimes, that's someone you may know, like when Lucy was on the cover).

I'm a gadget girl and I love my little things and I especially love it when I can customize them or make them do cool things. So hopefully this little idea I'm cooking up will turn into something you can see!

I found a video of The Edge doing some kind of yoga with his BlackBerry. If you get to about the 7th minute in, you'll see him holding his device while doing some moves. It isn't how I imagined people using the program I'm working on, but it gave me a good idea of how it could be used!

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Curried Jane said...

That's so cool. However, I totally think it would be awesome if you actually took the time and made the investment or whatever and go do 'proper' training, go to college, or to the class for iphone developers or whatever; the possibilities of all those ideas materializing would multiply a ton, plus you would meet peer geeks :). I think it's so much fun being a student too (particularly after you've been in the teacher role for a while).