Friday, May 22, 2009

Pocket Pema

I took myself shopping today to get the book I was in the middle of yesterday, When Things Fall Apart, but gave back to Heidi because she lent it to me and wanted to read it and I insisted she take it back because I could just walk up the street and get one, for heaven's sake. First I checked the library to see if they had it. They do, but there's a waiting list. So I thought I'd walk up to Chapters and use my discount card and buy it there. They were sold out. I looked at their online service to see if other stores in Ottawa have it. Nope. None.

Then I walked to Nicholas Hoare thinking there's a tiny chance they'd have it and I could finally use the gift certificate I got for Christmas. They've got The Power of Now and some other stuff, but nothing by Pema Chodron. Haven't even heard of her. "She's a Buddhist nun who lives in Nova Scotia," I told the lady at the desk. Nope. "Try Sunnyside Books down the street." "Of course." I thought to myself. "They'll totally have it." They don't. They're going to get it in stock in 10 days. So in the meantime, I bought a "Pocket Pema Chodron," a "Pocket Pema," if you will.

I read a bit of it in class tonight and asked the class, "why haven't you told me about her books before?" Afterward, one of the regulars to that class confided that he knows Pema and studied with her ages ago, just hasn't seen her in a couple of years. (Luc told me today she's coming soon to Omega. So it's in the air.) And the guy in my class said he likes her teachings because they're to the point, said he was a backsliding Buddhist. Then he told me I teach my yoga class like a Buddhist - and I knew as he said it that it was a compliment.

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