Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Ran

Yesterday my daughter and I "ran" the 5K. It was fun to be a part of such a super scene in Ottawa. I love that race.

I'm not sure that I expected that we'd really run the race but I did think we'd at least run more of it than we did. So when my daughter wanted to stop, I didn't want to just yet. I wanted to push her and keep going a bit. She didn't appreciate it. "Mom, if you think that's helping, (when I'd acknowledge the little, shorter kids whipping past us) it's NOT!" She's right. I noticed that I wanted us to be doing something other than what we were doing.

When I noticed I wasn't present with her, I slowed down and we walked in a more relaxed way. I stopped trying to get her to run from the pole to the next tree kind of thing and just enjoyed our time together. At the end when she saw how close we were to the finish things picked up and we ran across the finish line.

We did have a good time although if you ask her if it was fun, she'll say the middle part was rough. But she really liked the end and getting the medal!

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