Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inventing Possibilities

As I've mentioned, I reviewed the Landmark Forum this past weekend and it actually finishes tonight, when I head back to Montréal to complete. I really got something this time about myself that's useful that I'll share that with you now!

When I look back at choices I've made, the ones I'm really satisfied with are the ones where I "invented a possibility" about them. For instance, my house. Years ago while my daughter was a toddler I was living in a small apartment and I realized that I really wanted to live in my own house. So I "invented the possibility" of having a house and then I started doing stuff that moved me towards the direction of having my own home. And voilà, I'm in my own place. I still complain about it sometimes, but I'm really satisfied with my choice.

Same thing with my car. Even with the Echo. I "invented the possibility" of having a new car that would be reliable and after some time, there's the car. Sure, it had its drawbacks, but I was very satisfied with that car. Until I invented the possibility of having a car with power windows, and as you know, there's the Rabbit. I love my car. LOVE it. It has its issues, but overall, I am really satisfied with that choice.

When I feel like I'm stuck with something or I've wound up or ended up with something, I don't feel satisfied with that choice. It doesn't occur for me as a choice, but as a result I've gotten out of being in reaction rather than creation.

The invention of possibilities is not limited to objects, it was just easy to demonstrate using objects. It can be with inner states, too. How I saw my daughter's violin practice changed when I invented the possibility of her being a musician rather than experiencing her as a screechy early-years violinist. But "inventing the possibility" isn't enough I found. There's something in the experience of choosing that makes a difference. Choosing things to be as they are, and if not, inventing possibilities around what's missing, the presence of which would make a difference.

(If you like the picture, check out Robin Andrew at - she's a great photographer! We did a photo shoot with her last weekend and that's one of the pictures she took.)

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