Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can't Get Carrots at Canadian Tire

This video was made just now by Remi and her pal who slept over, Sarah. Ask me sometime to tell you about how normal living keeps a spiritual seeker grounded. I can never take myself or other people, for that matter, seriously because it really all just comes down to this kind of thing.

On another note, Heidi has said this before and I know she'll say it again and I think it's brilliant, "you can't get carrots at Canadian Tire." When you go looking for something, make sure you're looking in the right place. Trying to get something that obviously isn't available is silly and a waste of time. Trying to get people to be different or things to be different is a bit silly when that's how things are.

We're about to wander around the Rideau Centre now for a bit...


pglasch said...

Hello Jamine,
I stumbled upon your blog and I really like it. I particularly like the spirit of this post. "You can't get Carrots at Canadian Tire." Keep writing! and Thank you very much for sharing.

April said...

Hate to say it, but I think you can get carrots at the new Canadian Tire in Orleans. I've heard from a co-worker that it has a grocery section. Yikes!