Friday, September 5, 2008

Personal Ads for Cars

I just posted my ad up on Auto Trader. It feels vaguely familiar doing that. It totally reminds me of online dating personals. I had to describe the car, its features, all those little details and then the photo. I took a few good glam shots but in the end it was the basic side on shot that I posted. (Here's another "head shot" that didn't make it.)

The features of my car...hmm. It's "lady-driven." Can we say that? I mean, I am a lady I suppose and I did drive my car. But that's probably non-politically-correct to say. I didn't put that in the Auto Trader description. It is "cheap." There are no extras on my car except for the painted bumper and this central locking thing I paid for so that I could open all of the car doors at the same time so I wouldn't need to open my door, then reach inside to open Remi's back door; same thing for closing the doors - I could do it with my key or a button on the centre part so I wouldn't need to walk around the car each time. It has no air conditioning. How do you put that nicely? You will sweat in that car. I would reach over and roll down the passenger side window to get the air flow through. It does the trick a lot of the time, but when you're doing 100 km/hr + it actually causes drag and slows the car down. Oh well. So much for fuel efficiency - which this car totally has. (I think the Echo is as fuel efficient as the Prius - it's just that the Prius is pulling a lot more weight around.)

I had new tires put on today at Canadian Tire and they checked it out and said it was good. I took it through the car wash at Esso and later on I'm going to wax it! I bought some Turtle Wax, which gave me memories of the Price is Right and Bob Barker for some reason.

Now I just wait for the phone to ring. Right? It's weird. I said I think I like selling cars and that could be a sideline profession for me. Now I'm not so sure.

I can see why people don't like doing this. It's like that with online dating too. It felt weird at the beginning. But then you get used to it. I did. And it worked for me in terms of finding a great relationship - I bet it will work and finding someone who wants a long-term relationship with my car.

At some point I'll have to blog about my other latest diversion, which is perfume sampling, but for now this will do. I hope this is over soon!


Lola said...

For the air-conditioning point. When we moved into our 'dream' kinda rural home in November, I asked the agent if they had just forgotten to put air-conditioning on the feature sheet. "No,"she said. "The current owners prefer the natural breeze that comes in thru the forest and it's more environmental." It was as good of a spin as she could put on it and I gave her a B+ for effort but really, in this neighbourhood, where pools and crazy and outlandish landscaping (i don't have either-why would i want to landscape my forest?) are the norm, the real reason was because they couldn't afford it-hell, they couldn't afford the house or their relationship which is why they moved out of a brand new custom built home (the same home I wanted to build but the lot i wanted (theirs) was taken-but that's another story).
Good luck with the car and keep us posted.
btw we've sold a car this way twice and it went pretty quick!

Jamine said...

Thanks for the encouragement Lola! I do love the "environmental" good points about it and I notice that at my earliest convenience (as soon as I could afford it) I'm jumping into a car with a/c! So much for my values...I'm exaggerating, but I notice the integrity issue.

I just found out that my ad won't appear in Auto Trader for another week! I left a message for VW asking them to give me an extension...

Lola said...

Good luck!!!!