Monday, September 8, 2008

Wax On, Wax Off &%*#@

At the end of the last post I mentioned that I was going to Turtle Wax my car. What a loser.

If you haven't ever waxed I car I would recommend that you keep it that way. It's not worth it. Plus, apparently there's liquid wax you can use.

So I start applying the wax to the car and the instructions tell me to let it dry. I've got an applicator that reminds me of something you'd use to put on cake make up and I rub the entire car, save for the roof, which I couldn't reach thank god, with this little round sponge. By the time I get around to where I'd started the stuff had dried and I figured I'd get it off with an old towel and I started to rub it off. Rather, let's say I started to rub, because it didn't come off that easy.

I figure I just need to lean into it a bit. I started using techniques I'd learned in my recent Thai Massage course - using my body from the centre, not just rubbing with my hands and fingers. I'm still a bit sore as I type this btw. I started to get nervous - I'm not going to get this done in time. The phone will start to ring any minute because my ad is going into Auto Trader soon. (As it turns out, the ad won't actually appear until the next Friday because they still operate as a print magazine.)

So I rub more and use my elbows and I'm trying to get this wax off my car. I call for help. Maybe Ian can come back with Remi and they could help. Maybe John could leave work early and help. No chance. Hans - he'll help me. I give him a call and sure enough, he's nearby and can help me get the last door and the trunk. We were working so hard we didn't even chat.

After that I ran into the house to change my clothes to hurry up and get to yoga class. Whew.

Then it rained. I woke up to see all the beads of water doing that cool drippy thing they do when they're on a freshly waxed car.

The phone's not ringing yet about the Echo. I'm getting the odd bite from the kijiji ad. After placing the car ad in I figured I'd try to sell my vacuum - I wound up with an extra one after an impulse purchase at Costco. That sold so fast. Wish the car would hurry up.

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