Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Bunny

I was supposed to be picking up the Rabbit a couple of hours ago but that didn't happen. It's on hold while I make arrangements for the Echo. The friend of a friend isn't going to be able to come with with enough credit to get the car out of my name and I've stopped being creative about how that could somehow work out. If I could find the charger to my camera, I'd take a picture of it and put it up on Auto Trader right now. I'll do that shortly...

There was a bright light yesterday when my VW dealership called and said that maybe they could buy the car from Toyota if it were worth it. They appraised it a full $500 more than Toyota did itself, but still a full couple of grand from what I could probably get for it on my own and for sure what I owe Toyota for it.

My friendly VW dealer said my best bet would be to sell it privately. So I'm going to try and do that while the Rabbit waits for me.

This has been so interesting. I think I might even like to give selling cars a try for a while. A yogi car salesperson. I'll start with trying to sell this car at cost - no profit needed - just my cost would be a victory for me. I get uncomfortable in negotiations sometimes and I don't like the process of going back and forth. This will be a good stretch for me. Sell-my-car-asana.

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