Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have a trainer. I pay him to tell me what to do. It's not like I couldn't stay home and run up and down my own stairs and do sit ups and then go out for a long (high-intensity, of course) walk all by myself, of course I could. But I'm old now. I know what I will and will not do on my own. And I will not do strength training on my own. So my sister and I actually split our trainer. We know we need some support and we're willing to go get it.

I taught someone today and she said she knew that she needs me to come to her place and help her do the yoga because if she goes to a class, she'll try to do stuff that could hurt her, and she needs the support of a teacher and she's willing to pay me to come over. I get it!

I've reached an age where I know that there are things I could do and that loads of other people are doing for free, and I'm willing to pay for them anyway. And I've seen enough to know that I do lots of things on my own that other people pay other people to do (computer stuff, for instance).

What a relief it is getting some coaching and support for things you could be doing on your own. We're not going to be able to do it all. I used to try so hard to do everything all by myself! And then there are times when it's good to buckle down and get things done on your own and be more self-sufficient (uh, housecleaning comes to my mind). So it's a balance.

Having a coach or trainer or teacher is a real privilege. (Thanks Scott!)


Felicity Bell said...
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Felicity Bell said...

I think it was TKV Desikachar who said in his book "The Heart of Yoga" that teachers serve to "charge the batteries" of their students, giving students a boost of energy and a connection to that wonderful deliciousness of yoga. Though I have a home practice, I still love attending classes. How divine is the healing power of a gentle adjustment; the soothing tone and words of the instructor; the pleasure of being chauffeured through postures? Like heaven on Earth. Jai Guru!