Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

Let me start by saying that this is not a picture of the dash of my car. I don't have my own picture of the nighttime dash of my car yet, but my car does something similar. I didn't drive the car at night before I bought it. Last night, after teaching at Rama Lotus and then heading over to Santosha for Leona's wild Journey Dance, I turned the dash lights on. "Aaaaaah," sang the angel choir. I'd forgotten that VWs go purple at night. If I'd remembered that a while ago, this car thing would have been over and I wouldn't have had to drive anything after the Rabbit. The other too cool thing is that to open the hatch, you push on the VW logo. It's like a bat-mobile!

Today I'm driving to Montreal and gas prices or high and it's like, "should I take the Echo or the Rabbit? Hmm. Let's see." As if! It's a fun little question that I won't have for much longer as I am quite certain the Echo will find a new driver very soon.

This morning on CBC Overnight, I heard an interview with a couple of doctors on the Australian program. It was so fascinating, I perked up and I'm going to look them up now. They were talking about the "plasticity" of the brain and how people with OCD, for instance (that's obsessive compulsive disorder) can through, using their awareness, notice that the thought they have about the germs on the doorknob (or whatever), isn't useful and know that the thought is basically stuck in their brain, and move their thoughts to something else, that they will actually rewire their brain. The whole interview was really excellent. It reminded me of A Beautiful Mind, and how that guy learned which voices were the ones not to listen to and even though in the end he could still hear them, he didn't pay attention to them and that allowed him to live his life.

Yoga deals with this of course, and so does Landmark Education, which I've always considered to be jnana yoga, the path of knowledge. The thing that they said in the program that was really cool was that the mind and the brain are separate. There is a mind that operates outside of the brain, or beyond the brain. Have a listen if you have time...

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