Monday, March 9, 2009

I Saw God the Other Day

I heard this on the radio yesterday at lunch. Although I missed the interview on Tapestry, I caught the song and it was really moving. So I'm sharing it with you here.

He's basically saying, "we're all god." And the music is great. I hope you like it too.


I was thinking earlier about how what I'm trying to do now in my life is something I learned back in my training at the Young Drivers of Canada (I can still hear the ad ringing in my ears). What I learned in driving lessons is "look where you want the car to go." If you look to the side or in the rear view mirror for too long, you'll get in an accident. So you look where you want the car to go and it'll go there. (Provided you've got your foot on the gas instead of the break, etc. There's another yoga for living metaphor too - don't keep your foot on the brake while you've got your foot on the gas.)

I'm trying to keep my attention on where I want to go, not where I've been, especially recently. I want to go ahead. I may have stopped and rubbernecked a bit today, but oh well, we can't be driving all the time. So I'm back on the road, looking ahead.

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