Tuesday, March 17, 2009

IKEA Meditation

I'm taking a break right now from my morning meditation, which today is provided by IKEA. It started Sunday night after I had let my daughter get to work on putting together a basic stool. She got it started and seeing as how our friend Luc was coming over in a minute and had been in the Maintenance Department at Omega last summer, I told her to get it set up and that probably Luc could help her out.

In short, they didn't complete the task and I took over. I got as far as I could in the job and gave up for the night, put it aside and knew I'd tackle it the next day. That was yesterday. I got pretty far along using this wild little wrench to be used in four awkward places and was ready to put the top on the stool when it was apparent that a part had been put on upside down early in the process. I figured I'd get to it later. That ended up being this morning. I got to it and figured I'd just redo the part that was backwards and ended up undoing the part that had been screwed in fine. Breathe. Big breath.

One out of four weird screws has been reinstalled. Three more to go. Breathing. Noticing, not reacting, smiling even. Ha ha. Oh IKEA, thank you for bringing me this opportunity to see myself. Ha ha.

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