Monday, March 16, 2009

Wrong Turn at Lungfish

I'm not sure how to begin to tell the story that was my Friday night. First of all, I'm fine, I'm intact and to be honest, I had been warned by my friends to not go to the play that John was in. I knew there would be a price to pay and I figured I had it in me to pay it, so I arranged it with him ahead of time that I'd go with my daughter, and that she'd leave at the biggest inappropriate parts and go hang out in the green room during those parts.

So there I was in the audience, and my recent ex-boyfriend, partner, whatever, was up on stage playing the role of a total ass. His character was nasty and angry and funny, and that's just what I had been dealing with at home around Christmas and the beginning of January, right as he was in rehearsal for this play I might add. His onstage girlfriend is in real life his actual major ex-girlfriend and they even had a part where they had a big stage kiss, which was hard for me to watch, I'll be honest.

Her character wants to take him back even though he's mean to her and clearly not a healthy partner for her. She's being coached to leave her boyfriend by a character in the play who in real life is that actress' current boyfriend. So she's on stage with her ex-boyfriend, who's playing her boyfriend, and her current boyfriend, who's playing a love interest who's trying to talk her out of her relationship. And I'm sitting there in the audience. It was priceless. How do you arrange that kind of thing in life? It was brilliant.

And her current boyfriend's character is talking to me - "Thrive. You can do better than that." How bizarre. In the end, she leaves her boyfriend and holds close to the new interest, who then promptly dies on her. And that was the end of the play. What a rush. You can't make this stuff up!

The next day I did feel crappy and I knew that I would be stirred up by all of that, but I didn't realize how the play was going to affect me. So it was a tough day but as Hans would say, "the good news is that it's already in the past." And it is and I'm good and in a new place and I must say that was awfully entertaining, even though there was a bit of a stirred up mental space afterwards. But it's already settled again...

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Cristina said...

That totally hit the spot, I hear you, again! Your Friday night sounds 'priceless' as only real life can be, like 'this reality it's so weird that beats up fiction'. I often think that one day I'll write the story of my dating history and I crack up when I think 'and them readers sure will think it's so weird and 'priceless' that it has to be fiction. Ha! If I had made it up as a fiction story I would have never come up with such bizarre, perfectly laid out order of events and coincidences'.