Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Answers from the Past

I know the news is telling us that these are new times and it's like we have new problems now or something, but when I think about what the yoga sutras tell us, we've been having the same old problems for thousands of years. There's really nothing new about it all. There are going to be circumstances that we like and circumstances that we don't like. Everything's changing - all the time.

What's not changing is that still, quiet place inside. It's always there. And the breath is always there to lead you to it. To lead me to it.

What's happening around is does not have to impact our happiness. We let it and then we can realize that that's not real happiness we had. We thought we were happy, but if it can be busted up by numbers on a screen changing, or people coming and going, it wasn't really happiness in the first place. So we can be directed to where real happiness is located - anyplace, anytime, doing anything. It's not specific.

The yogis have been saying it for thousands of years. It's not outside - it's inside. Go inside, find it there, and then everything else will be different. They don't say to fix everything around us, make our bodies a certain way, find the right job, partner, home. Nothing like that. Just to go inside, meditate, and stop being disturbed by our thoughts. That doesn't mean we'll be placated, passive individuals by any means. But we may stand a chance at being present and happy.

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