Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I did a big task today for the yoga teacher training that is something I don't like to do and it's also very satisfying at the same time. One of the requirements to complete the training is for the students to lead a class outside of the training to people and get feedback and give me the phone numbers of the people who were in the class and warn them they might be getting a call.

The reason I don't like doing it is because I'm making cold calls to people I don't know, which reminds me of being in a call centre and doing sales. Yikes.

The reason I love doing these calls is because they really aren't cold at all, they're more than warm, and what I hear back is always good news. They loved the class. Would take it again. The teacher was really good. Great voice, good directions. Excellent modifications. Etc.

That makes me feel so proud! The teachers I'm teaching are out there teaching and they're doing a really good job by the sounds of it. It feels good to hear people speak so highly of other people. What a great sound. So today was very uplifting.

As well it was my sister's birthday. I feel a bit old now that my younger sister is 39. My grandmother said a while back, "You think that's old? Think of how I feel - my daughter is 66!"

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