Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Still Here

I'm still here and things are changing slowly. I didn't take a picture to show you yet, but the Sheps put a fence up in front of the balcony I have pictures of in my last post. That was nice. The ED called me on Thursday and let me know they'd be doing it on Friday and they really did. And it makes a difference.

It's March, which means winter is almost over. Yay! I know lots of people really enjoy winter and sometimes I'm even one of those people, but this winter hasn't been one of those times for me. I look forward to walking out the door without putting on snow pants and a big, hooded coat. I want to take the snow tires off and get my cute rims back on the VW.

The nice car I'm driving is one of the best things that came out of my relationship with John. I felt really comfortable and ready to thrive instead of just survive and I went out and got that car and I still love it. Love it. I'm glad I had the courage to do that when I did because if I'd waited any longer I would have lost my nerve. Things have gone all weird with the economy and spending and there's a lot of fear and I'm not immune. So I'm grateful I did the car thing when I did!

And you know how I had a small incident where I bumped into someone on Valentine's Day? Well on Saturday morning someone did the same thing to me at an intersection. We got out, looked around at the cars, her grill actually popped off in her bump to my car, but there was nothing noticeable I could make out about my car and I considered it payback. Karma. Carma, really. I bumped someone and 2 weeks later someone bumps me. I'm not really making it mean much, I just thought it was funny that I've never had that happen either direction before and then within 2 weeks it goes both ways.

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