Sunday, March 22, 2009

Puffy Eyes

We were talking about the challenges yoga teachers face during our teacher training yesterday. I don't think puffy eyes from crying the night before made it to the list, but it should have. In other professions you could wear sunglasses and keep your head down while you're in your cubicle. You could go in late or call in sick.

When you're supposed to be teaching a class at 9 am on a Sunday morning after staying up late and crying for lots of good reasons, as a yoga teacher, you can't really exercise those options very often or you wouldn't have a job left. You just have to show up.

I found out yesterday evening that my grandmother is in the hospital in California. (She lives there, read about her in the archives.) I had contact with my ex-boyfriend. I was hormonal. I reflected on my life and what I'm doing and felt the pain of living alone when I don't want to. I sent late night emails. I ate a bag and a half of microwave popcorn for dinner. So naturally, when it came time to go to bed, I was bawling my eyes out. And naturally, this morning I have puffy eyes.

I actually surprised myself when I took a look in the mirror after walking into the bathroom. (Okay, I just tried taking a picture from the Mac to demonstrate how puffy they are but it's not showing up as bad as all that.)

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Lola said...

my thoughts are with you and sending positive energy to your grandmother. i know firsthand, grandma's are the best!