Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alpha Brainwaves

More so now than ever, we need to do things that enhance relaxation, which reduces stress and keeps us healthy and able to handle all that life throws at us. Relaxation is enhanced by doing things that bring our brains into a predominantly alpha brainwave pattern.

Things that do that include being awake with our eyes closed, meditating, doing yoga, listening to some kinds of music, and things that bring us to that place where we're feeling creative and calm and where things seem inspiring, where how much money we have or where we live doesn't seem so important. It's a place we can all get to if we practise.

By spending time in a state where the alpha brainwaves are dominant, we heal, we relax, we can be strong in the face of what is happening. Some people do this naturally, and some of us need to do those things on purpose.

I want to find an EEG machine or some sort of biofeedback machine that measures when stress goes up or down, or something that would really measure the brainwaves. If you have leads on one, let me know!

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