Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Monday Class

I'm just about to go and lead the last lunchtime Monday class at Rama Lotus. I've been doing it for about 6 months. I started this class in part to make up for the fact that I dropped the Friday evening class in order to take the Introduction Leaders Program in Montreal. Now that my course is just about over, I'll be back on Fridays starting next week and off on Mondays.

I have enjoyed the Monday class as it has tended to be smaller and it's just a nice time of day to be up in the Sky Room. The fact that it's smaller made it not so sustainable as a class to keep on my schedule as Rama Lotus pays per student.

We talked in class yesterday about what it takes to run a yoga teaching practice and how it's important to not be attached to the money and to really just provide service to whoever is there. That's great and true! And when you are teaching yoga for a living, the numbers matter as we have to be responsible to our families and other commitments.

It's a longer conversation however, I'm on my way to *scrape the snow off my car* here in Ottawa on this last day of March.

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