Thursday, March 27, 2008

I got my hair cut

I mean, what can I say? My days are filled with miracles. I spent a session, like I do every week, with a man who may have Alzheimer's. His spirit is so gentle and he's so special. We don't always "do yoga" but we always connect and I always enjoy my time with him. I had lunch with a group of people who stop what they're doing, which is very important work, so that they can take time for themselves to stretch and breathe and relax.

Last night I led a home introduction to the Landmark Forum at Torsten's house. He let 8 total strangers come to his house, 7 of them were from India, visiting Canada for work, led by someone so inspired by her time in the Landmark Forum that she dragged her friends by bus to come out on a cold night and create possibilities. Wow.

I had a quick visit with my mom, who works miracles in her home with my brother, with Robin, with her partner, Roger and then her crew of dogs - who work their own set of miracles on the people they are with. Those dogs bring so much joy, as I've mentioned.

I spent some time with my daughter at her student-led conference at school this afternoon. Her teacher said she's talented and her poetry is beautiful.

Tomorrow night I'll be in the yoga teacher training where people are taking time out of their lives to learn how to share the gift of yoga with others. People who sit in the inquiry of what it means to be human and look at all that comes up - they're so brave!

I'm surrounded by such inspirational people and so much great stuff that it's hard to even write about it. So I act like it's normal and it is. But really, upon closer inspection, it's awesome. The things people are doing, the little things and the big things, are so meaningful and powerful. I'm moved by who I get to be in my life and who I get to be with. It's too big to write about.

So I'll tell you I got my hair cut today. It was getting my eyes too much and I could really feel it needed to be trimmed. So there you go.

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