Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yoga Practice

Some people have what we call a "home practice" and some people don't. Some people use yoga classes as their practice and don't do anything outside of class. Some classes are taught in a way that would help people who have a home practice deepen their understanding of the postures so they could take it away with them - or even bring that to their group practice. Some classes are only ever taught as the practice itself, without pauses during the class to take a closer look at a pose and go over the benefits and specific details of it.

If you have a home practice - good for you! If you don't have a home practice and only go to yoga classes, it may be valuable for you to give it a try. See what comes up when you make a space in your home for you to take time for yourself and notice the distractions in your space and all of that. If you're only a home practice person, try going to a group class once in a while and notice how the group may bring distractions and how overcoming those may deepen your home practice.

Going out of our comfort zones is a stretch in itself. If you're totally comfortable in your practice, you may enjoy the challenge of working at home or in a class, whichever is the opposite of what you normally do. These are just ways of increasing our awareness and facility to be able to adjust to any situation, thus limiting the power of the situation to determine how are. If we remain at the effect of our circumstances all the time, needing things to be a certain way, we stay small and our lives are limited. If we are able to be in a wide variety of situations and circumstances and still be okay, then we have more freedom and our lives become unlimited.

And if your practice is working for you and you don't want to change it up, that's fine, too! I've always found that life has a way of offering us challenges all the time - we don't always need it in our yoga practice :)

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