Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Breaking News

Catherine Larrivee-Currie just called me to say that Nathan was born at 1:30 am on Monday, March 3 after 23 hours of labour. He's 8 pounds, 11 ounces and I heard him cry - he has arrived alright! She went to the hospital when she was 4 cm dilated and spent a long time in labour before progressing. Once the epidural kicked in, which she delayed and delayed getting, she went from 4 cm - 10 cm in 45 mins! She pushed for an hour and 10 minutes and there you have it.

(Catherine is on maternity leave from being the general manager at Rama Lotus for those of you who may not know...)

Back at the beginning of February she was thinking she was ready and he was coming soon and the moms would wink at each other and figure she would go to her due date, which was at the end of the month - really, what would we know - we've all got stories of kids coming early, right Sue? But usually we go to term and little Nathan took his time and then some.

Welcome Nathan!

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Catherine said...

Thank you Jamine! Nathan was well worth the wait. I am loving being a mom, even more than I could ever imagine.
I just discovered your blogs this week and have been enjoying reading them. Keep them coming please :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Salutations to all the graduating teachers in HYTT.