Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. I'm not sure what to make of it. I remember Joseph Campbell saying something about how the Jesus story is an archetype and that this is really a time of renewal. I could see how that might be the case. I was wondering about the part of Jesus dying and then rising 3 days later and it occured to me that if he was then born again, that mother's milk comes in 3 days after the baby is born, and maybe there's some significance there and, well, it's not a fully formulated idea.

I went to the Navan United Church service this morning basically because John's parents invited us and there were going to be pancakes afterwards. (If you want to get me to come some place just offer to serve me pancakes.) It was really lovely and we sang a couple of songs and sat and listened for a bit and then we definitely had pancakes and more!

We were told the story of how Jesus died on the cross and how it was not criminals that put him to death but regular people. The minister referred to evil acts, which I translated to be "unconsciousness." People try to do good and other people don't stand up for them. How we need to stand up for people doing good and what's happening in Tibet and the Chinese killing monks is an example of the same thing. It got me thinking.

I won the little potted flower on one of the tables from the church basement breakfast. It was lovely.

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