Saturday, March 8, 2008

Creating a Life

I know I wrote about pregnancy recently, but I'm not refering to that! I'm commenting on creating my own life - how I create the life I want to live. It takes big steps sometimes and I do some wild things as a result. I went to Montreal for my class and thanks to Torsten, we got there and got home safe and sound. We left early on the return home to ensure we made it so I could catch the outbound flight with my daughter later today, which is still scheduled to be on time.

Sometimes my choices go against what other people want for me. My people here in Ottawa didn't want me to go to Montreal last night because of the weather. My people in Montreal didn't want me to leave the class early because they wanted me to stay. Sometimes carving out a path and the life I want to live requires going against the will of the people around me. That's tough for me when it's not all in alignment.

The course I'm in training for is a leadership course. I can see how that sometimes as a leader I'll be holding a vision that maybe not everyone around me shares at the same time. If I can get other people to see what I'm looking at, it will make my job easier, but even if that's not happening, it's important for me to not let go of my vision in the face of dissention.

Time to finish packing!

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