Thursday, March 6, 2008

Goin' Away Again

I'm going away again day after tomorrow. It's kind of funny how it all worked out and now I'm feeling all jet-setty. In the past I didn't ever really take vacations, I just moved to new places. Since I became a mom I pretty much Settled Down. I even Bought A House. And I haven't been anywhere in ages. Aeons really.

And that is not entirely true either. I did go away with an ex to the Dominican 2 years ago. No strings attached, just we would go and be friends and keep each other company and well. Anways, so I havenèt (why is the apostrophe putting an e with an accent on it pleaseÉ) (What has happened the keyboard commandsÉ - now the question mark is gone too.)

So after a year of being together, John and I decided weèd like to go on vacation. I picked the week that would possibly work and we aimed for that. Remi was invited and declined to come. And I reflected on whatès important in my life and how Ièd like to go with her someplace special and Iève been meaning to see my grandmother who lives in California and that sounded like fun. I figured that would be in March and there would be time in between. I have to admit I didnèt really look at a calendar when I did the bookings. I went away and basically have been home for a week and then Ièm gone for another week.

I checked on the weather site and itès like 21 C in Huntington Beach. Sorry, guys. A light t-shirt or jacket will do for strolls along the boulevard. Maybe a hat for standing in lines at Disneyland. Pants OR shorts - our choice as that 22 C mark allows for both options.

Thatès if the plane gets to take off on Saturday seeing as how theyère calling for more and more snow these next few days.

I once met this yogi who was visiting Kripalu when I lived there who said that people should only live between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. He said you should be able to live outside and have fresh flowers and fruit. I thought he was a bit of a nutbar, but he kind of had a point...


lo said...

I agree with this yogi AND I thought i was the only one in Ottawa using 'nutbar.' Hope your flight gets off on time! I will be getting to California as you return!!!!!

Jamine said...

Thanks Laurel. My grandmother told me the weather's been great lately...have a great trip too!