Friday, March 28, 2008

It Takes a Village

I did it! I finished the hard part of my course (the Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark Education in Montreal) and the work that's left to do is completely in my control and I'll be able to finish the course next Friday. I'm really pleased.

I knew I could do it but there was a little doubt about whether or not I would do it. That course is such great practice at being powerful in life and finding obstacles and going around them or blasting them away. I learned a lot and formed some strong relationships that will continue for sure beyond that course.

A lot of the time that course seemed like someone was trying to herd cats. We were the cats - all off wanting to do our own thing. Getting the group to start acting like a team was something to be a part of! Having a whole gang of leaders working it out together - whew!

It was by far the hardest course I've ever done - mainly because I was doing it from Ottawa and the course happens in Montreal. I made an outrageous request back at the end of August so that I could have Fridays off and be able to attend the course when it was offered. That worked out and there were other people who came with me sometimes - 3 others from Ottawa/Gatineau. Sometimes we rode together, sometimes we didn't. As the price of gas went up and as we started working more as a team, we rode together more often :)

I am such a supporter of people - when someone says they want to do something I really believe they can. I know from experience what it is to be unstoppable. I knew that to do this course was going to take something and I for sure had a choice - take it or don't take it - but I wanted to take it and so I did. I had people supporting me so I could do the course - Cecelia subbed my Friday night class each week at Rama Lotus, Remi spent an extra night a week with her dad, Ian took on more child care, John picked up the slack so I could be away, John and Remi stood by while the phone rang a lot and people came over, my family put up with me being busy and out of town so much, everyone put up with me being all inspired (or not) and yakking about it, my program buddies supported me when I didn't have cash on me or didn't want to go to Montreal, and it goes on and on. Hey, it takes a village. I get it!

I feel proud and relieved and mainly pretty grateful for the experience of feeling so supported. That gives me strength and confidence and helps fuel me to continue teaching and leading and sharing with others.


Tim said...

Congratulations on completing the Introduction Leaders Program, Jamine! And thanks also for sharing some of what opened up for you during the program. I was just completing the ILP here in Vancouver around this time last year and it's amazing to look back on all the wonderful things that have unfolded as a result of taking on this training!

Here's to being unreasonable yogis!


Shannon said...

I just want to acknowledge you for completing the Introduction Leaders Program! I know you are a powerful stand for people and transformation just by completing the course.

I was candidated back in September and immediately went into the Team Management and Leadership Program, and I start Wisdom next weekend.

The power of the work is amazing. I cannot get enough and cannot share enough.

I know you will touch thousands of lives directly and millions through them.

Share, contribute, make a difference!

Peace, Love, and Powerful Joy!

Shannon Looper
Dallas Texas