Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Slipped on the Ice

I had been thinking about how lucky I was to have made it through a whole winter and I didn't slip on the ice (yet). And then it happened. Feet went out from under me and Bam! Down I went. Hopefully practising yoga will make it so I recover quickly. I won't really know the difference but I figure I've done what I can.

It turns out my neighbour slipped on the same spot 2 minutes before me. All that early snow on top of the ice from the days before left a slick place. It has since disappeared, fortunately!

Holding the pose of winter was a tough one for me this year! It was a long pose and put me into a deep stretch. It feels like it's just about over now and I'm relieved. If it's above freezing, that feels like a good day.

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