Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yoga Music

I should probably write to Snatam Kaur and tell her myself how much the people at CHEO especially love her music. The girls will sometimes ask me what she's saying or what language it's in. Sometimes they make up words to the songs, which are very funny. But mainly I get a sense that it feels good to be around when that music's playing.

The songs are usually "guru ram das," or "wahe guru," and although I'm not that familiar with Gurmuki, which is the language she's chanting in most of the time, I can pick out the words, plus I've seen them in writing on the boards at Rama Lotus.

If you're looking for some great music to be in, I recommend any of her CDs.

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Tim Stringer said...

I'm sure Snatam would love to hear that her music is appreciated at CHEO! I've always loved her music and have experienced her in concert many times (I was even her "sound man" for the weekend at Rama Lotus about five years ago). Some of her albums are now available on iTunes if you'd like to preview/purchase any tracks/albums.

"Wahe Guru" describes the ecstacy of awareness (the word Guru literally means to go from gu/darkness to ru/light). And Guru Rama Das was a great teacher from the Sikh tradition - the fourth of the ten Sikh Gurus. When we chant "Guru Ram Das" we connect with the consciousness/special qualities he embodied - specifically an extraordinary gift of healing. Wahe Guru!