Monday, April 28, 2008

New Boots

I'm taking pictures of my new boots because my next class at CHEO has been slightly delayed because they're going downstairs to meet Wade Redden, a Sens player. I'm not going.

I had one of those total "The Secret" moments today about the boots. I don't have rainboots, I mean, I didn't, until a little while ago. And I haven't had rainboots in many years - if I'd had, I would still have them because, as you may recall, I don't throw anything out. So anyways, it's pouring out today and I've got to leave to teach a class in about 10 minutes. I've also already heard that it's going to rain for a few days this week so I figure that if I did have boots today I'd get more than one day's wear out of them, if I were to go and get them toute suite.

I have a favourite place to shop for things in the Market, and that is Frou Frou. I feel like a girl just walking into the store! I usually don't buy stuff, but sometimes I do. One day a few weeks ago Remi wanted to spend some money there and we'd seen these rain boots and she thought that maybe she'd use her gift certificate from Hanspeter on the boots, which I thought was very reasonable and I even agreed to pay the balance seeing as how $62 was a lot for boots for growing feet. By the time she got to the checkout though, the boots weren't there in her stack of stuff. She got a watch and something for her hair I recall.

So I knew Frou Frou had HAD boots but I wasn't sure if that was still the case. I didn't have time to waste and the store was practically on my way to my yoga class at CHEO so I didn't call the store in advance but rather just drove there in the pouring rain, imagining where I'd park. Sure enough, there was a parking place and I ran in. And sure enough they had a pair of boots left in my size. These are them. They fit, they feel good. I imagined them and then a short while later, they materialized. And I got in the car and stepped in big puddles all the way up to the building, arriving totally on time, or "just in time" as I prefer be! (Why waste time being early when you can arrive just in time?)

I said at the cash that my daughter's going to be jealous. And she might be. And she'll probably ask to wear them sometimes. And I'll probably say yes. She may even get to call them "her boots" in the near future when she gets to my foot size (she's a 7 and I'm an 8). But that won't last for long because chances are they won't fit her for more than a few months and then she'll need new boots and I'll buy her some new boots. And they'll be cute, but they won't be this cute and then once again, my daughter is going to covet my boots.

On another note, what I didn't say about today is that Remi spent her first hour alone at home all by herself (that would be the alone part). She's got a bit of a cold and just wanted to lay around, which was okay by me, but I still wanted to go to the gym and she was fine with that. We've been toying with her growing independence and what is appropriate for us. So I went. On the way home there were some women sitting on my steps smoking something that got hidden fast when I approached. I wanted to ask them how I could help them or if what if anything would help or did they need help. But I didn't. I asked them to get off the steps. And I went inside and Remi was fine and happy and so was I as we've crossed this threshhold finally.

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