Monday, April 7, 2008

Neither Good Nor Bad

I see my CHEO girls coming down the hall and they yell, "Jamine!" They regularly tell me that yoga is their favourite thing and it's for sure their favourite part of the program here. There was a new girl today and one of the people who's been in for a while introduced me as "the best person you're going to meet here." And I can hardly listen. I made some noise like, "oh, you don't really mean that," and the person who spoke said something about how I wasn't accepting the compliment. I don't really remember because I turned my ears off when they started acknowledging me.

And on Friday I was in Montreal to graduate from my Introduction Leaders Program. Not everyone graduated. I didn't just participate, I actually made it through the program successfully, which I had been afraid wasn't going to happen a few times throughout the course. Someone confided that he didn't think I had it in me and was really surprised I'd passed the course. That made me mad! "I didn't think you had it in you Jamine and I'm surprised and happy for you." Who did he think he was talking to? Didn't he know that there was no way I was going to fail that course if I could help it? Someone else asked me if I had been planning to complete the course the whole time or if I just reached the goal by accident sort of thing. What? Of course I was going to complete it and become an Introduction Leader.

It's just funny that I won't believe what people say - the good nor the bad. If I'm great, I will disagree, and if I'm weak I will disagree. It's funny. I can't take a compliment and I'll act defensive if someone puts me down.

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