Friday, April 11, 2008

This Love Guru

OMG I watched this trailer and it was so funny. I know they make the trailer extra-funny so you'll want to watch it - and I do!

If you've ever heard Deepak Chopra speak, you'll know Mike Myers is doing a total Deepak impersonation. Very well, I might add.

I met Mike Myers at the Old Fire Hall in Toronto when he used to do shows at Second City back in the '80s. I had a girlfriend who managed the bar and would let me in for free and I'd stay afterwards and hang out with the actors and staff. And I saw Deepak Chopra back in the early '90s when I lived at Kripalu and actually met him last summer. As I get older there are more and more threads on my web of life :)

Anyways, I understand there is some controversy surrounding this film and it looks well-deserved, which means it will probably be very funny!


Ed Vis said...
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Ed Vis said...

You are right, Jamine...The trailer is very funny. I was laughing LOL.

Still, I think this movie need an advanced screening in front of Hindu theologians and intellectuals who are knowledgeable about India and its culture exactly like the screening Mel Gibson's 2004 movie "The Passion of the Christ" were held for clergy and others.

I hope Paramount will do that.

Dr. Deepak Chopra is a "SPIRITUALIST" and may not see much problem with this movie.

BUT for the vast majority of Hindus, especially for children, who are taunted and badgered for their beliefs in schools, how Hinduism is portrayed in the public does matter.

Won't you agree?

Thanks for reading.
May God bless you.