Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Financial Planning for "The Rest of Us"

If you check out Richard Shillington's site here,, you'll see he's got some questions and answers that to me are interesting. So interesting in fact, that I've set up a workshop about it. It's coming up in a week from Saturday. Please come. Tell your friends and bring them. If you can't afford the $20 ask for a reduction and just come.

Reading the stuff on his site, I can see that it really is like alignment in a yoga pose. If your feet aren't in the right spot and your legs are bent when they're supposed to be straight and you're rounding your back when you should be lengthening, then where you put your arms isn't going to make much of a difference. So in yoga there is an order to your alignment and going beyond what you can do with integrity can wind up hurting you and at the very least, limits the benefits you'll get out of your pose.

Same thing with retirement planning. If you don't have your foundation and you're reaching up for something but you're not grounded, then your chances for success are limited.

There are other areas of your life that are like this too, but this is just one that's easy to look at. Please come and check it out!


zoom said...

Richard's a good friend of mine! In addition to being an expert on this stuff, he's also very entertaining. I bet it'll be a good workshop.

Jamine said...

Thanks for mentioning that! I'm encouraged. I hope there is a decent turn out. The info sounds good on his website.